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Locksmith production of custom-made fences, gates and railings

Do you need a custom-made high-quality metal fence, gate or railing for your house or other project?
In that case, you are in the right place!!!
We operate locksmith works – locksmithing, manufacturing fences, gates of various designs and materials, including electric drives, and manufacturing custom-made railings. Our professional staff are trained to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer. Naturally, we deliver all our gates, fences and railings fully assembled. We carry out the installation and production of fences in our surroundings, for cities such as Sereď, Trnava, Galanta, Nitra, Šaľa, Senec, Bratislava and others by agreement. When building a fence, do not forget that a quality designed and manufactured gate – the fence is for LIFE!!!
For a better orientation, you can view the basic information about our products that we offer. If you are interested in our offer, or if you did not find the necessary information, do not hesitate to contact us to prepare a customized price offer for you.
Gates are divided into two basic types
Sliding gates:
We divide sliding into self-supporting and with a rail on the ground.
  • Self-supporting: the entire structure of the gate is placed and fixed on a C-shaped steel profile, the profile is turned with the opening towards the ground, at the edge of the construction opening there is a pair of guide wheels in the ground on which the C profile is strung together with the gate. These profiles are made in different sizes and thicknesses, taking into account the weight and size of the gate structure. On the top of the construction preparation there are guide wheels for the correct direction of the gate when closing, and they are also necessary for the horizontal stability of the entire gate.

Such a version allows the addition of a motor, the motor is located on the side of the supporting carriages and the motor power supply is 230V. A warning beacon as well as optical barriers (photocells) are a matter of course.

The advantages of such a design are: failure-free in bad weather conditions (e.g. snow, ice), construction preparation as well as the terrain do not have to be level….

  • System with a rail on the ground: the gate structure has wheels with bearings on the bottom. In standard applications, there are two wheels, but it also depends on the size and weight of the gate. There are more of them for extremely heavy gates. An O-shaped rail is laid on the ground, where this rail is bolted to the ground. Other guiding elements are the same as for self-supporting construction.

Of course, a motorized drive is possible, similarly to a self-supporting gate.

The advantage of this support system is that the price is several times lower than that of a self-supporting system

The main and non-negligible disadvantages are:

1. construction preparation under the gate as well as the entire opening route must be level and also a reinforced surface for anchoring, e.g. concrete…

2. the unreliability of the system can occur when there is excessive contamination in the area of the track of the support wheels (e.g. stones, branches, frozen snow, ice, etc.)

Our scope for crane work – crane work mainly focuses on cities such as Sereď, Galanta, Trnava, Šaľa, Hlohovec, Piešťany, Senec, Nitra and the surrounding area. If necessary, we can deploy the technology throughout the Slovak Republic, but also in neighboring EU states.

The price is agreed individually for each client according to the scope and nature of the work.

Swing gates:

The gate structure is hung on hinges.
Two types of hinges are preferred:
The first type is a hinge with a plate and holes for anchoring to solid materials, e.g. concrete paving blocks, walls of buildings, houses, walls, etc.
The second type is welding hinges. Mainly used when attaching to steel elements, e.g. steel columns.

The advantage of these hinges is the possibility of additional finishing.
The advantages of the wing gate system are mainly:
-minimal effects of the weather on the system (the most reliable system proven for decades)
– the lowest price requirements
-minimum requirements for lateral space from the opening

The drive is provided by two side engines, safety features such as a warning beacon and photocells are a matter of course.

The price is agreed individually for each client according to the scope and nature of the work.

Swing gate, wicket and fillings

The structure is made of steel profiles.
Z-shaped steel slats are used as filling
The surface treatment is standard galvanizing, the top color is powder (RAL 9006)
NICE drives are used for the drive

Swing gate combination with wicket (forged)

The material used is steel profiles and steel sheets
Surface treatment galvanization and spraying with classic color followed by patination with gold color.

Wing gate, wicket and fillings antikor (stainless steel)

The material used is stainless steel. The advantage of the material used is lifelong resistance to weather effects, the complete absence of surface treatment is also an advantage.

A 1.5 mm thick sheet is used for the filling, which is interlaced…

Self-supporting sliding gate with drive and wicket

The material used is steel profiles, as the filling of the Z-shaped slats
Surface treatment galvanization and powder paint.
Used NICE robus 600 drive

Automatic gate drives

Sliding gates:

For sliding gates, we use primary drives from the manufacturer NICE. They are characterized by a favorable price and a long service life as well as trouble-free operation. There are many types to choose from with regard to the load (from 200kg-1500kg gate weight). It is possible to connect a wide range of additional devices to the drives.

Example up to 600 kg weight

Power supply (Vac 50 Hz) 230
Power consumption (VA) 515
Degree of protection (IP) 44
Speed (m/s) 0.15-0.31
Max. torque (Nm) 18
Max. gate weight (kg) 600
Working temperature (°C) -20 to +50
Insulation category 1
Gear module 4

Drives for swing gates

Similarly, for swing gates, we are loyal to the NICE brand as we have excellent experience with this brand.
The drive set consists of a control unit and motors with a worm drive.
Also, this type of drive can be used for different sizes and weights of swing gates. Option even with the use of only one wing.

Example up to 3+3m and up to 300kg

Force 1500N
Nominal force 500N
Speed 0.018 m/s
Nominal speed 0.013 m/s
Consecutive cycle limit 40 cycles/hour
Service life from 125,000 to 80,000 cycles, depending on the weight and length of the wing and also the drive setting
Power supply 24Vdc
[Load] 85W
Nominal power
[Nominal load] 50W
Insulation class A
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Protection class: IP44
Dimensions 98×770×95 (w×l×h)
Weight 6kg

Surface treatment

Zinc plating:
A completely constructed gate frame with all parts is galvanized by an external company. Galvanic galvanizing is the complete immersion of the entire structure in a bath with a solution containing zinc. This zinc completely covers the entire structure. Such a construction is 100% weatherproof (no corrosion is produced). The structure treated in this way can remain as it is (silver look) or it can be further modified by varnishing.

We prefer „powder coating“, it is a technology in which powder paint is blown onto the galvanized structure, so to speak. This color is attracted to the structure by static electricity. After the overall coating, the structure is placed in the oven where it is heated at a certain temperature, while the powder paint melts and forms a complete layer. Choice of shade according to the customer’s request from the RAL sample book. This technology is very durable and guarantees color stability for many years.

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