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Work with a truck crane

We offer crane work with the TATRA ČKD AD-28 and ČKD AD 20 mobile cranes. The excellent driving characteristics of the TATRA construction predestined these mobile cranes for work in difficult terrain, which has practically no obstacles. The AD 28 crane is designed to handle loads up to a maximum weight of 28 tons and a distance of 26 meters (see load diagram). The AD 20 crane is designed to handle loads up to a maximum weight of 20 tons and a distance of 21 meters (see load diagram).


These mobile cranes with a telescopic boom are suitable for most construction and assembly work of any scale. Diesel-hydraulic control with all continuously adjustable working speeds, and with the possibility of two simultaneous crane movements, enables precise and sensitive handling of the load. We provide the rental of mobile cranes intended for crane work with an operator.

Our scope for crane work – crane work mainly focuses on cities such as Sereď, Galanta, Trnava, Šaľa, Hlohovec, Piešťany, Senec, Nitra and the surrounding area. If necessary, we can deploy the technology throughout the Slovak Republic, but also in neighboring EU states.

The price is agreed individually for each client according to the scope and nature of the work.

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